Stuttgart, 11. November 2021

WAREMA relies on the BIM system by BIMsystems

The first high-quality sun shading solutions from WAREMA, are now available as BIM content on waya. Planners can place and configure the products directly in their own CAD system. The company has been using BIM for a long time, but they are now relying on BIMsystems' BIM system. The "living" and intelligent system has convinced.

WAREMA auf waya verfügbar

Figure 1: WAREMA has been using BIM for a long time - but now they rely on the BIM system by BIMsystems (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

BIM content from WAREMA now in the BIM system

WAREMA is the leading brand for technical sun shading products in Europe. With over 60 years of experience, the leading supplier has a great deal of know-how. Individual, sophisticated, well thought-out and sustainable - this is what the high-quality solutions from WAREMA stand for.

With BIM (Building Information Modeling), construction projects can be digitized from the very beginning and all important information is collected and managed centrally. WAREMA wants to support planners in digital planning and offers its products as BIM content on waya.

waya functions as a plug-in for the CAD systems ArchiCAD and Revit and thus establishes the connection from CAD planning to WAREMA. It enables those involved in the construction to check the product parameters in real time for their feasibility at any time and individually in the BIM model.

The "living" system convinces

WAREMA has been using BIM for a long time. Why the change to the BIM system now?

The previously used platforms were too limited for the sun shading manufacturer and its individual requirements. The solution - the intelligent BIM system from BIMsystems. The configurator is linked to linya and native Revit data with valuable BIM information is triggered from it. The imports of the configurator as well as the attachments from linya, are transferred to the CAD system and always kept up-to-date. The risk of information being incorrect, inconsistent or outdated is greatly reduced. The model starts to "live".

waya is free for planners with all basic functions. This allows planners and construction stakeholders to search, transform, configure and place the BIM content for sun shading products. The big advantage: planners can collaborate with all partners in a central data model.

The installation of waya is uncomplicated. After downloading the free plugin and installing it, users only need to register once for free. waya is ready for use and can be controlled directly from the CAD system via plugin.

BIM World Munich 2021 offers valuable outlooks

If you have more detailed questions about WAREMA and the use of the BIM system, please feel free to stop by the BIM World in Munich on November 23 and 24. WAREMA representatives will also be on site at the BIM World Munich. If required, appointments can even be made specifically with contacts at the BIMsystems booth. Use our appointment tool for this:

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