The story behind BIMsystems

BIMsystems is recognized for its innovative spirit. But our corporate culture is based on values steeped in tradition. They help us to orient ourselves, to constantly focus our goals and to grow healthily. Because only with the right togetherness do we create the right for each other.

Story hinter BIMsystems

About BIMsystems

We have also already made history as a start-up. BIMsystems has now been around for six years and in that time we've already accomplished quite a bit as an innovative company. And our story goes on and on. To make sure you don't miss anything, you can find our news here.

BIMsystems was founded in 2015 by Gregor Müller and a team of developers and industry experts. Our software company specializes in dealing with the model-based planning method Building Information Modeling (BIM).

The goal is the maximum automated digitization of product data (BIM content), the networking of interfaces and the unhindered exchange of data along the value chain of a property.

At BIMsystems, we have a clearly defined mission: to maximize automation in the creation, maintenance and internationalization of BIM content using the largest cloud-based technology - the corma technology.

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Our BIM solutions awards

BIMsystems' corma technology is unique worldwide - and has already won numerous awards for it. See for yourself!

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Our philosophy at BIMsystems

Values are the foundation for healthy success - also for us at BIMsystems. They give us structure, efficiency and orientation. A stable and sustainably successful company can grow on the basis of these values.

Only what we live internally can we carry externally. Thus, our internal corporate culture has a direct impact on our understanding in dealing with customers, partners, projects and opportunities.

We don't have customers - we have partners

We believe that working together sparks greater potential than a classic service divide. We see our customers as partners with whom we work together on projects and implement them successfully and innovatively. We are only too happy to show you how this has worked so far.

More than just a team

A company is more than the sum of its employees. It is the strength of the individual and the potential of the community that lead to success.

And that make us grow - not only in personnel, but also in our wealth of experience, our understanding of values and quite simply in the personality of BIMsystems.

As a modern start-up, we are of course always looking for new members for our team. On our career page, we provide detailed information about open vacancies.