The BIM system for executors for sustainable data management

Our goal is to make the day-to-day work of planners easier with our BIM system - our focus is on a uniform data model. We provide consulting services for the introduction of BIM and, with the help of the BIM Data Model Manager, offer future-proof handling of your data model.

With the BIM system, contractors can access up-to-date and project-relevant data quickly and easily. They use the appropriate information for their execution in an uncomplicated way without data breaks.

What annoys you about BIM planning?

It is no longer enough just to provide the products on the website. You have to transfer the product data into the planning, but how?

  • High effort for development of own information requirements under consideration of norms and standards
  • More and more evidence leads to more and more data
  • Data transfers to calculation and simulation
  • Complex interface configurations (IFC, gbXML, ...)
  • Constant version updates of the BIM authoring system
  • High configuration and administration effort
  • Little usable BIM content
  • Tedious product search
  • Individual, digital builder's specifications
  • Extremely heterogeneous data from planners
  • Complex as-built documentation
  • Complex data management

The BIM system pays off for you!

  • Your BIM experts are cleared for project work:

    • Hardly any administrative effort and expertise required
    • Free resources for BIM coordination and co.
  • National and international standards are stored centrally and interfaces are configured:

    • DIN BIM Cloud, ÖN 6240, IFC, DIN 276, VDI 3805, …
  • Updates are performed regularly, centralized and quality-assured

  • In terms of price, you remain at a fraction of the salary of a BIM expert annually in the medium and long term

BIM Plattform waya im BIM-System ist für alle Nutzer kostenlos!

Searching, configuring and placing BIM content as well as saving favorites and creating part lists is free of charge for planners and executors!
Discover all free features now!

The BIM system offers you the solution!

Administrative conveniences

  • Intuitive library and product search

  • Central management of libraries incl. versioning

  • Intelligent attribute management with its own properties window

  • Yearly maintenance and expansion

  • Central maintenance of national standards and digital standards, such as IFC

Increase efficiency and safety

  • Professional Revit setup for all BIM use cases

  • High-quality, power-phase representation and attribution

  • Optimal, interdisciplinary cooperation

  • Easier data transfer from planning for executors

  • Reliable evaluation (component lists, cost planning, tendering)

New use cases

  • Model based product search

  • Model based procurement

  • As-built documentation: filling target properties with real manufacturer data

The BIM system links you with your partners and other construction participants in the central data model!

Our license models

You get exactly the scope of functions you need. Because our license model of the BIM system adapts to every circumstance.

Designers use the neutral component library including the data model templates, use them for their own information management and receive networked manufacturer data.

→ Complementary to BIM system

Designers use their own data model templates, existing libraries and supplement them with a part of the neutral BIMsystems library via the BIM system. They also use modeling and other tools to manage their information, including mapping against manufacturer data.

→ Ergänzend zu BIM-System Individual

Designers in the direct GU/module builder environment/client etc. use the neutral BIMsystems component library via the BIM system in its entirety incl. the data model templates or their own libraries, use these for their own information management and control selected fabricators with corresponding adapted data models.

Features for your BIM system!

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Features BIM system BIM system Individual BIM-System Enterprise
Neutral Library  
Datamodel Template  
Library Browser
Element Manager
Product search
Data import
BIM Content Manager incl. Type Generator  
Data Model Manager  
Whitelabel solution with CI elements  
Complementary manufacturer catalogs    

The BIM system with all its features reduces the effort of manufacturers for the creation and management of their BIM content by up to 80%: Start working efficiently with your data for BIM planning now!

The features and functions sound interesting and you want an insight into the BIM system? Request a free and non-binding DEMO appointment now!

Classifications and data model templates

  • IFC
  • RIB iTWO

  • DIN BIM Cloud
  • ÖN 6240
  • DIN 276
  • VDI 3805

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