Construction projects in flow!

Construction projects in flow!

BIM System by BIMsystems:

BIMsystems gives back your focus! We make your everyday tasks easier when dealing with project and product data combined in your data model. How do we achieve this? Through our product world in the BIM system and the experience and standardisation from real BIM applications.

We collect and connect information from various data sources of building participants in their projects. In this way, we link the data models of the planners and contractors with the product data of the manufacturers via the BIM system. The result is a central data model for the building participants with the required project and product information!

Efficient data management within a project from the very beginning and throughout the entire life cycle of a property: from CAD planning, static analysis, execution, awarding of contracts, execution to facility management.

At a glance - start a successful BIM planning with BIM-Systems

defined component & building material categories
BIM-Großprojekte fließen jährlich in die System-Entwicklung
requirement-oriented & future-proof BIM setup
practical libraries for all disciplines
industry & development partner
BIM experts involved in development

Daily work in flow for all construction participants

Benefits for manufacturers

Nowadays a successful sales department has to provide BIM content for planners that is suitable for the project. The BIM system supports you significantly at this point! Our solution offers a simple interface and reduces the time and effort manufacturers spend on creating and managing their BIM content by up to 80%:

  • Receive requirements from real BIM projects

  • Save timeby integrating product data at high speed with the BIM system

  • Gain flexibility as our BIM system does not require BIM expertise

  • Ensure planning and execution deliver the data you truly need: performance-oriented geometry, reliable product data, seamless as-built documentation

  • Strengthen sales by accompanying planners with your product data as BIM content from the early project phase

  • Simplify and cost-effectively enter the growing field of BIM planning and data processing in construction

Advantages for planners & executors

Have the right library at hand and your head clear at all times. The BIM system is the foundation that keeps your project flowing:

  • Professional, fast and efficient workflow through extensive library for neutral BIM content in the BIMsystem

  • Save effort in administration and maintenance and gain more time for core business activities

  • Validate concepts - the BIM system shows you which products match your design

  • Get started easily, as BIMsystems provides you with a foundation that has been developed in collaboration with users and serves as a template

  • Receive consultation and support for BIM implementation or further development

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More time for essentials

Since 2015 we have been working on our BIM system in dialogue with numerous users in order to allay the fears of a BIM implementation, to make the introduction of BIM simple, to reduce internal efforts for the implementation, to promote the integration of software solutions and to increase the efficiency when dealing with data. And that for planners, manufacturers and executors alike!

Freed from IT-related staff tasks, free resources can flow back into the operational business. Planners and manufacturers gain the freedom to further develop products and drive projects forward. They can relieve employees and channel their energy into the entrepreneurial future.
You gain time for the essentials!

That's what one says about the BIM system:

CEO von ATP Planungs- und Beteiligungs AG Christoph Achammer

"I am very pleased to support BIMsystems, one of the most successful pioneers of digitalization in the construction industry, in further expanding their unique technology approach and self-developed information management system. I see many synergies that will be leveraged in a very short time."

Prof. Christoph M. Achammer, CEO of ATP architekten ingenieure
Olaf Demuth Vorstand der ZECH Group SE

"The BIM system from BIMsystems takes a central role in future construction projects through its technological possibilities and functions. This is because the goal is to map a construction product in a central database. In our company, we will also control access to manufacturer information via the BIM system."

Olaf Demuth, Executive Board of ZECH Group SE
Knut Haufe | Teamleiter Architektenprogramm und BIM bei Hörmann KG

"Hörmann provides detailed information on the building elements as BIM content to ensure high planning quality. We rely on BIMsystems for this! Their BIM solution provides us with intelligent, configurable BIM content of Hörmann products, which offers our planners and customers the highest added value."

BIMsystems | Hennig Lorenzen | CEO bei bau digital

"The cooperation allows developers and planners totally new possibilities and highlights the holistic approach that is inevitable for efficient BIM processes. The path between planner and end customer has never been so short!"

Henning Lorenzen, CEO of bau digital

”Die Kooperation zwischen Perfion und BIMsystems bietet eine weitere Ausbaustufe der digitalen Entwicklung und Verknüpfung in der Baubranche. Mit den Synergien aus dem BIM-System und der Perfion PIM-Lösung werden verschlankte und effizientere Arbeitsabläufe für die Baubranche geschaffen, kürzere Planungs- und Bauzeiten werden mit allen Akteuren gewährleistet, und es ergeben sich neue Wege für das Management von Produktinformationen.”

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Numerous manufacturers, planners and executors already trust BIMsystems.

Major brands, well-known companies and construction experts have recognised the potential of the BIM system for themselves and use it on a daily basis!

Numerous manufacturers, planners and executors already trust BIMsystems.

Major brands, well-known companies and construction experts have recognised the potential of the BIM system for themselves and use it on a daily basis!