The digital foundation is information management!

Even the little ones dream of building something big one day. Having arrived in the construction industry, the planning processes of a building product are more information-rich than imagined. With the BIM system from BIMsystems, you will gain simplicity - and thus the fascination with the big!

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Intelligent information management with the BIM system

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Manufacturers, retailers & module builders

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Unfortunately, the creation, management, and internationalization of BIM content is regularly attempted to meet the demand through services, whereby the objective of sustainable and scalable solutions, which enable you to handle the topic of BIM in self-service, falls far short - the BIM system overcomes these challenges.

Our BIM system is characterized by a high integration capability with existing software solutions ERP, PIM systems, SAP, configurators as well as existing processes. Even without the previously mentioned software solutions, the BIM system offers unique solutions to accompany you flexibly along your digitization strategy.

For us, BIM content in interaction with the BIM system is the beginning of your digitalization and not just the mere hope in marketing & sales.

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General contractors, module builders & project developers

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With the BIM system manage your information requirements und integrieren diese Information intelligent in Ihre eigene Daten- bzw. BIM-Welt. Steuern Sie frühzeitig allgemeine sowie projektbezogene Anforderungen und geben diese Prozessbeteiligten in Form von qualitätsgesicherten Daten an die Hand. Managen Sie so Ihre Daten des „digitalen Zwillings“ entlang des Lebenszyklus einer Immobilie.

Thanks to the BIM system, you can realize the objective of systematized construction, among other things. Control components, systems and modules of your suppliers at an early stage and according to requirements. Use the model data for production up to strategic topics, such as modular prefabrication. The BIM system is your central point of contact, base of all developments and much more!

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General planners, architects & specialist planners

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With the BIM system, you manage your information requirements and integrate them intelligently into your own data or BIM world. The interaction of central information management with your own native BIM libraries takes the BIM system to a whole new level. Various technological solutions for quality assurance are available here to ensure the highest quality at the information level. The efficient processing of information requires information of the appropriate quality.

Thanks to central access (Single Source of Truth), BIM libraries are made homogeneous, up-to-date and of the highest quality available to you, your colleagues and partners.

Create a high information/planning quality and scale knowledge as well as planning competences by bringing intelligences into the planning processes via the BIM system.

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For us, the focus is on the "I" from BIM, which is intelligent information management. This is so diverse in terms of its requirements, which is why we work hand in hand with the industry, to create the solution for the industry.

Results from BIM studies show that more than a quarter (28 percent) of the companies surveyed work with BIM. The BIM planning method is used primarily for execution planning (73 percent), architectural design planning (65 percent) and technical building planning (61 percent).

Therefore, it is not surprising that component manufacturers, general contractors and planners are all pulling in the same direction and relying on the BIM system. Information is the digital foundation of future and existing building products - count on the specialist as a strong partner.

In only rare cases does information management in companies and offices start from scratch - usually there are historically grown structures for existing processes and workflows. Often, software solutions or databases already exist that contain relevant information for new processes and workflows. This ranges from self-developed Access databases, to PIM, ERP systems, SAP, web configurators, to design software, quotation costing software, estimating programs, etc. Thus, the BIM system meets the requirements of easy integration.

What our customers and partners say about BIMsystems

CEO von ATP Planungs- und Beteiligungs AG Christoph Achammer

"I am very pleased to support BIMsystems, one of the most successful pioneers of digitalization in the construction industry, in further expanding their unique technology approach and self-developed information management system. I see many synergies that will be leveraged in a very short time."

Prof. Christoph M. Achammer, CEO of ATP architekten ingenieure
Olaf Demuth Vorstand der ZECH Group SE

"The BIM system from BIMsystems takes a central role in future construction projects through its technological possibilities and functions. This is because the goal is to map a construction product in a central database. In our company, we will also control access to manufacturer information via the BIM system."

Olaf Demuth, Executive Board of ZECH Group SE
Knut Haufe | Teamleiter Architektenprogramm und BIM bei Hörmann KG

"Hörmann provides detailed information on the building elements as BIM content to ensure high planning quality. We rely on BIMsystems for this! Their BIM solution provides us with intelligent, configurable BIM content of Hörmann products, which offers our planners and customers the highest added value."

BIMsystems | Hennig Lorenzen | CEO bei bau digital

„Die Kooperation ermöglicht Bauträgern und Planern ganz neue Möglichkeiten und unterstreicht den ganzheitlichen Ansatz, der für effiziente BIM-Prozesse unausweichlich ist. Der Weg zwischen Planer und Endkunden war noch nie so kurz!“

Henning Lorenzen, CEO bei bau digital

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The BIM system: The digital foundation for your company

Das zentrale BIM-System von BIMsystems GmbH für cloudbasiertes Daten- und Informationsmanagement
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Major brands and well-known manufacturers already use the BIM system

The BIM system

The digital basis for networking your future work in the construction process

The management of information and data outside the CAD system and its intelligent networking with the CAD world, often turns daily work upside down. Bexisting and upcoming IT infrastructures in companies usually do not map the complex exchange of information. Thus, an exchange between businesses as well as offices in projects do not go smoothly. It ends up far too often in manual work!

Often, data is maintained and used in different systems by various parties independently of each other, without the processes and workflows being coordinated and the systems being networked with each other.

With our BIM system, you manage data centrally in a database, network them with each other and minimize the effort many times over!

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: Single Source of Truth

Single source of truth

Central management for your BIM content, libraries, data models & much more

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: BIM-API


Integrations with PIM, ERP, SAP, configurators, MS Excel and many more

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: Auto-Aktualisierung


Automatic updating of information in BIM content

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: Mehrsprachigkeit


BIM content with language/region-specific attributes

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: Einfacher Zugang

Easy access

Online tools: The BIM system with waya, linya, mairen and nende and the plugin

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: Informations-Management

Information management

The BIM system is the platform for networking all relevant data for a construction product and is thus the basis for the central data model - the digital twin

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: Informations-Anforderungen

Information requirements

Construction stakeholders can define information requirements and specifications in the BIM system to get started

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: Datenmapping

Data mapping

All information fed into the BIM system is aligned with industry-, project- and company-specific standards and uniformly networked

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: Datenexporte

Data exports

Extensive data exports, such as component lists with networking in the CAD systems, are created automatically and provide the basis for far-reaching analyses and business intelligence

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: Qualität dank Validierung

Quality thanks to validation

Data model is checked, quality assured and errors indicated at an early stage

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: Intelligenter BIM-Content

Intelligent BIM content

Digitized products are supplemented by additional information besides geometric data

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: BIM-Bibliotheken

BIM libraries

Component libraries are networked independently of the stored data model and can be accessed centrally by users via online tools

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: BIM-Content-Verwaltung

BIM content management

Manufacturers independently create, manage and version BIM content and libraries and automate existing processes

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: BIM-Content-Konfiguration

BIM content configuration

Find and configure BIM content in the BIM system and place it in the CAD model via plugin

Vorteile von BIMsystems GmbH: CAD-Performance-Optimierung

CAD performance optimization

Only CAD-relevant information is transferred to the CAD system, so the data model is not overloaded

The partners are already using the potential of the BIM system