The BIM system for manufacturers for innovative product data management

Successful sales today must provide project-ready BIM content for planners. However, project-ready BIM content does not mean the provision of highly detailed marketing-related BIM objects. Rather, it is about the project-relevant information of your products: The BIM system supports you significantly at this point! Our solution offers a simple interface and reduces the effort that manufacturers spend on creating and managing your BIM content by up to 80%.

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What bugs you about managing BIM content?

It is no longer enough just to provide the products on the website. You have to transfer the product data into the planning, but how?

  • No digital BIM content of your products for planning
  • No insight into the planning
  • No tools for efficient creation, maintenance, review and internationalization of BIM content
  • Insufficient knowledge of information requirements of real BIM use cases & authoring know how
  • No simple integration in product-neutral planning
  • No simple networking with existing software solutions (e.g. PIM, ERP, configurators, etc.)
  • No self-service environment for information & content management incl. approval processes & rights system
  • Insufficient integration of BIM content into other services & business models
  • and more...

The provision of project-ready BIM content of your own products is a mandatory program for your value creation

BIMsystems offers manufacturers two basic approaches to high-quality BIM content: specific and manufacturer-specific BIM content. Our recommendation is to choose the practice-oriented, planning-optimized approach of specific BIM content. Find all the opportunities and risks of the two approaches here:

Manufacturer-specific BIM content

Modeling of manufacturer-specific geometries supplemented by manufacturer-specific product information

Specific BIM content

Use of existing planning-optimized geometries and data model templates from real BIM projects enriched with manufacturer-specific product information

Risks from manufacturer-specific BIM content

  • High one-time and ongoing service costs for the creation, maintenance and updating of geometries

  • Provision of information without sufficient knowledge of the information needs of the planners and executors

  • Orientierung an selbst gesetzten Geometrieanforderungen ohne ausreichendes Wissen aus realen BIM-Projekten

  • BIM objects for marketing purposes with very limited to no usability in BIM planning

  • Misguided focus on geometry and information

  • Without intensive contacts to BIM users, hardly any possibility to evaluate individual BIM implementation with regard to usability

  • Massive initial investment

Chances from specific BIM content

  • Calculable and plannable monthly expenses for the creation, maintenance and updating of the geometries

  • Provision of information based on defined data model templates of real BIM users

  • Use of geometries from real BIM projects

  • Ensuring the requirements with regard to usability for BIM planning

  • Focus on the "I" - the information from BIM

  • Requirements arise automatically for manufacturers

  • Low initial investment with the option to develop along market requirements

The BIM system pays off for you!

  • Your employees are massively relieved:

    • Low effort for data provision
    • No BIM expertise & conception necessary
    • No familiarization with BIM authoring systems necessary
    • No additional costs for BIM authoring systems
  • National and international standards are stored and maintained centrally

    • DIN BIM Cloud, ÖN 6240, IFC, DIN 276, VDI 3805, …
  • Updates are performed regularly, centralized and quality-assured

  • Avoidance of high investments in BIM object modeling and adjustments

The BIM system offers you the solution!

Economic BIM content

  • Conversion of products into BIM content

  • Little to no modeling effort
  • Ongoing maintenance and updating with annual version updates of the BIM content

  • Usability of BIM content for other platforms and own homepage
  • End-to-end process and information flows for upcoming services and business models
  • Self-service and integration of existing data sources (PIM, ERP, SAP and other databases)

Practical planning for customers

  • Direct integration in planning

  • Networking with other partners to create systems

  • Consistent naming of all families and parameters (e.g. for evaluations)

  • Practice-oriented detailing and phase-appropriate presentation

  • Data model analogous to norms and standards as well as real applications

Increase in service competence

  • Direct contact with planners (inquiries, offers, etc.)

  • Analysis and statistical evaluation on BIM content usage

The BIM system connects you directly with planners and contractors!

Our license models

You get exactly the scope of functions you need. Because our license model of the BIM system adapts to every circumstance.

BIM-ready through simple integration of product information to project-proven libraries.
Self-service environment for product data provision, multilingualism as well as other functions such as imports of data, digital consulting process, marketing and analysis package for product data deployment via BIM system.

→ Complementary to Basic

Manufacturers with request for individual geometries as well as additional intelligences (dependencies of products and configuration notes). Connection of existing databases, software solutions and family generator for specific BIM content.

→ Complementary to Advanced

Supplemented by own installer, plugin as well as customized design elements in the user interface

Features for your BIM system!

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Features BIM System Basic BIM system Advanced BIM system Individual
BIM Content Manager | linya
Access to data model templates
Maintenance of product data
Roles and rights system
Additional product information
Versioning of BIM content
Planner optimized BIM content
BIM content for third-party platforms
Product and configuration notes
Database-based import and mapping of product data
Interfaces to external data systems According to effort According to effort
Manufacturer-individual BIM content with own geometry According to effort According to effort
BIM Plattform | waya
Favorites for preconfigured BIM content
Component lists for mass / quantity determination
Support digital sampling
Updating BIM plugins and planner-optimized geometries
Evaluation for BIM content usage
Sponsoring package
Digital object consulting 2.0
Interfaces to third systems According to effort According to effort
Whitelabel solution with CI elements

Benefit from our sponsoring packages in the BIM system

Generate additional reach, interaction and thus placings in real planning of your product data in the form of BIM content through our inclusive sponsoring package.

  • Google Ads campaign for essential keywords worth 50€ per month
  • News article on the launch of the first publication of your BIM content on the corporate website
  • Newsletter article in the BIMsystems newsletter
  • Social media post on BIMsystems company profiles on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook
  • Logo placement in BIMsystems communication

→ Complementary to Basic

  • Unternehmensprofil in BIM Plattform waya in der Produktübersicht des Herstellenden
  • Google Ads re-targeting campaign worth 25€ monthly
  • Press release launching the first release of your BIM content with distribution on the BIMsystems press mailing list


  • IFC
  • DIN BIM Cloud
  • ÖN 6240
  • DIN 276
  • VDI 3805

The BIM system with all its features reduces the effort of manufacturers for the creation and management of their BIM content by up to 80%: Start working efficiently with your data for BIM planning now!

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