More time for essentials

More time for essentials

The BIM system by BIMsystems

In dialogue with numerous users such as planners, manufacturers, executors and other partnerships, we have been working on our BIM system since 2015 in order to allay the fears of a BIM implementation, to make the introduction of BIM simple, to reduce internal efforts for the implementation, to promote the networking of software solutions and to increase the efficiency in the use of data. And this for planners, manufacturers and contractors alike.

The BIM system saves valuable resources

The BIM application, information and library management in integral construction planning

Seamless switching between product-neutral and product-specific planning

The simple provision of up to date and practice oriented product information

Freed from IT-related staff tasks, these free resources can flow back into the operational business. Planners and manufacturers gain the freedom to further develop products and drive projects forward. They can relieve employees and channel their energy into the entrepreneurial future. They gain time for the essentials.

We know the challenges you face with BIM!

In order to achieve competitive advantages, the interplay between requirements and the realization of added value for our partners plays an even more important role than ever before, especially in the context of rising raw material costs, changing interest rate policies and the effects of the energy crisis. As if these market conditions were not challenging enough, it is becoming more difficult to recruit qualified personnel to successfully master the changes in an entire industry.

The BIM planning method is receiving more attention under these changed market conditions. Without providing the right information at the right time in the right quality in the right system for the right person, calculable and sustainable construction is not feasible.

For planners and executors, the rethinking begins in order to position themselves according to the new starting situation. In many cases, this means rethinking their own processes, procedures and fields of activity. Far too often, valuable and qualified employees are entrusted with IT-related tasks that hardly offer any added value from the company's point of view, but are necessary and very demanding in terms of concept and content.

In this constellation, manufacturers see themselves forced to serve the information of the planners and executors, but usually do not know their requirements. The reaction to this is an overload of information and details and a focus on the wrong use cases.

As far as project and product data is concerned, marketing driven applications have ensured that BIM is a bulky tanker. Turning this tanker into a speedboat that doesn't require a licence is our mission.

The BIM system connects you with your construction partners!

Daily work in a flow for manufacturers, planners and executors

Our goal is to make the day-to-day work of planners and contractors easier with our BIM system. This is achieved by centrally managing their individual data model with the assistance of the BIM Data Model Manager. With the BIM platform, planners can quickly and easily access constantly updated and further developed, neutral, project-suitable libraries and manufacturer-specific BIM content. They can then easily load the appropriate products into their planning without data disruptions.

Manufacturers neglect the opportunities that arise from making their product portfolio available in the form of data at an early stage. The added value of overloading planning with highly detailed and elaborately created geometries is still a widespread myth that misses its target for real planning applications. This leads to frustration on the part of the manufacturers because there is hardly any demand for the elaborately created BIM content.

The result of networking the data models of designers and contractors with the product data of manufacturers via the BIM system is a central data model of the construction participants with the required project and product information.

The initial development and, in particular, the ongoing maintenance of the required data models and libraries are a never-ending task for those involved and their most qualified employees: updating to new BIM authoring system versions, configuring interfaces for tendering programs and simulations, updating guidelines, norms and standards. But not with us! BIMsystems provides always up-to-date information through data templates, project-proven libraries, tools such as BIM Data Model Manager, BIM Content Manager and BIM Platform.

A solution for many challenges: Our BIM system.

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