16. December 2021

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Marcel Volm

On the occasion of the BIM Days in Germany, the 6th BIM Study was conducted from November 3 to 19, 2021 with 408 participants. Valuable insights were obtained.

Why the great interest in BIM?

The results clearly show that interest in BIM is increasing strongly over the years. The results of the BIM study show that the greatest interest in BIM lies in the digitization strategy (76 %). The second point cited is the fact that construction players can no longer avoid BIM (56%).

In addition, BIM secures competitiveness (55 %) and BIM is gaining importance in public tenders (44 %). 42% of respondents are developing new business models based on BIM - hence the growing interest in BIM.

What is the greatest benefit of BIM?

For the respondents of the BIM study, the greatest benefit is the avoidance of errors and defects (85%). This very point is also a clear advantage of the BIM system - the single source of truth. Centralized information management reduces the risk of erroneous and inconsistent information. More than three quarters of the respondents see better integral planning as a further benefit (79 %).

Other important points are better preparation of the operational phase (47%), reduction of supplements (40%), reduction of costs (36%) and shortening of project durations (34%). The results make it clear that the use of BIM minimizes effort and increases quality.

Where are BIM methods and models used?

In the project cycle, BIM is increasingly used in the first step, in planning (81%). Compared to the previous year 2020, there is an increase of 30%. In execution, 42% of the respondents use BIM. In the third step, building operation and facility management, 14 % of the respondents use BIM. Just under a third use BIM in project development.

It can be deduced from the BIM study that the BIM method is used particularly in planning, where it helps to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

What has changed most as a result of BIM?

The use of BIM has most frequently changed the culture of collaboration (64%). In addition, the standardization and automation of digital data management has changed significantly (54 %). More than 40 % of the respondents mentioned that there is more transparency in the real estate lifecycle since the use of BIM.

Where does BIM bring about benefits for greater sustainability?

The use of BIM not only ensures greater efficiency and effectiveness, there are also certain opportunities for greater sustainability. One point is the implementation of simulations (71 %). In second place is integral working (64 %). Other points are life cycle calculations (58%), setting up energy models (50%) and the use of pollutant reduction (28%).

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