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Stuttgart, 18. November 2018

Zech Group relies on component management system and intensifies cooperation with BIMsystems

Already in February 2018, Zech Group together with BITStone Capital announced its commitment to BIMsystems. The Stuttgart-based company specializes in database-based software solutions in the context of the planning method - Building Information Modeling (BIM). The aim of BIMsystems is, among other things, the automated digitization of components, systems and modules, the networking of interfaces, the unhindered exchange (import and export) of data and the modelability of data integration processes along the entire value chain of a property.

BIMsystems offers unique BIM platform

BIMsystems is the only provider worldwide that simultaneously creates BIM content in an automated manner, enables cross-CAD system interaction as well as sales and consulting on its own database-based software and directly connects BIM software solutions there. The component management system is more than a BIM platform: It is the basis of digital transformation starting from BIM data.

The database-driven approach makes it possible to link information and object dependencies on components and building products from the different data silos of the manufacturers (manufacturer databases) with the objects of the modeling. In this way, real product information is already integrated across the various disciplines and software systems during planning and execution. Of course, the product neutrality according to VOB/A is maintained, so that public tenders can also be served. This approach allows planners and contractors to pursue an integral approach in the development and implementation of construction projects.

In the further life cycle of a structure, this information can then be used in operation.

For further integration into existing software solutions, BIMsystems develops plug-ins and continuously drives their expansion. These allow the component management system to be connected with various systems (CAD, CAFM, CRM, PIM, ERP, tools, apps, etc.). In the future, a loss-free exchange of information along the life cycle will be made possible and thus forms an important building block in the course of the digital transformation.

Schematische Darstellung der Funktionsweise des Bauteilmanagement-Systems BMS

Figure 1: The BIM system from BIMsystems is interesting for the Zech Group due to the use of the unique data integration platform (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

Zech Group recognizes the future of the BIM system

Of particular interest to the Zech Group is the use of the unique data integration platform. This makes it possible to link the company's own data with the respective components or building products to the BIMsystems component management system. In the future, Zech Group will have a list of specified manufacturers that must be stored with their building products on the BMS. The access of manufacturers to the construction projects of the Zech Group will thus be specified and controlled via the component management system. Well-known manufacturers such as Bauder, Hörmann, Keuco, Rehau, Schöck, etc. have already recognized the future of this system. They rely on the possibilities of a digital value network and have already registered with BIMsystems in the component management system.

BIMsystems claims to actively promote the digitalization of the construction industry and will be available to interested parties and potential partners as an exhibitor and in discussion forums at BIM WORLD MUNICH from November 27-29, 2018.

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Company description of BIMsystems

The software company BIMsystems was founded in 2015 and specializes in the planning method Building Information Management (BIM) as well as being the only provider worldwide of a cloud-based BIM solution - the corma technology. The goal of BIMsystems is the maximum automated digitization of product data (BIM content), the networking of interfaces and the unhindered exchange of data along the entire value chain of a property. Since 2017, BIMsystems has been one of the top 25 most innovative start-ups in the construction industry within Europe.

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