Stuttgart, September 16, 2021

Goodson and BIMsystems share digital passion -
with PIM and BIM for powerful information management

The Austrian company Goodson Softwaresolutions GmbH and the expert for intelligent information management BIMsystems from Stuttgart enter into a complementary cooperation. The aim of the cooperation is to create a central information management across the value chain of building products. The integration of PIM systems into BIMsystems' BIM solution creates digitized construction planning and an efficient workflow for component manufacturers, module builders and system providers.

Goodson und BIMsystems gehen partnerschaftliche Kooperation für ein leistungsstarkes Informationsmanagement ein

Figure 1: Goodson and BIMsystems enter into partnership for powerful information management (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

Cooperation offers opportunity for efficient BIM content management

The construction industry is becoming increasingly digital and is under pressure to adapt to new market requirements. The challenge of digitization in construction processes is the endless abundance of product data. With BIMsystems' BIM (Building Information Modeling) system - a cloud-based information management software - the BIM content is created and managed centrally and efficiently.

With Goodson as a cooperation partner, BIMsystems hopes to expand the interface to PIM systems even further. For example, in the future, in addition to the creation of BIM content from the PIM system, this will also be automatically updated and tested in waya, the BIMsystems BIM content platform.

Goodson is an implementation partner for PIM (Product Information Management) systems and draws on over 20 years of project experience. The software company works with two PIM tools. mediaSolution3 - mS3 for short - is Goodson's own PIM software. In the near future, there will also be an interface to BIMsystems for mS3. contentserv is the second PIM system in Goodson's portfolio, whose provider is also a partner of BIMsystems.

"At Goodson, we stand for successful product communication. We create the right foundation for product data capture that BIMsystems' software can build on. Today, we synchronize website & stores, online catalogs and much more in real time. Thanks to the partnership with BIMsystems, in the future we will also be able to synchronize current data in component catalogs, data models and construction plans. And with that, we will change the construction industry for good!", hopes Hansjörg B. Gutensohn, Managing Director of Goodson Softwaresolutions GmbH.

User & product experience is the focus of BIM technology

The PIM system ensures that product information is specifically prepared for maintenance and processing. Coupled with the BIM system, the products are networked and connected via an interface - the single source of truth. Product information is centrally controlled in one place - in the PIM system - and thus the resulting BIM content in waya is always valid. This ensures consistent data quality and correct data retrieval regardless of time and location.

The integration of the PIM and BIM systems dynamically links CAD with the product data world. Together, they enable collaborative work and lead to reduced effort in object creation.

Digital is the passion of Goodson and BIMsystems - that's why they are leading the way for the digital future of the construction industry with their collaboration for efficient and innovative data management.

Company profile Goodson Softwaresolutions GmbH

Goodson Softwaresolutions GmbH offers services in the field of integrated product communication. The software company develops and implements IT solutions, for Product Information Management (PIM), Media Asset Management (MAM), e-commerce and web content management. It also provides IT platforms that support and automate customers' publishing processes. Goodson conceives, designs and implements print catalogs and electronic media.

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Company profile BIMsystems GmbH

BIMsystems GmbH was founded in 2015 by Gregor Müller & a team of developers and industry experts. The software startup specializes in dealing with the model-based planning method Building Information Modeling (BIM). The goal is the maximum automated digitization of product data (BIM content), the networking of interfaces & the unhindered exchange (import & export) of data along the value chain of a property.

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Press contact from BIMsystems

Marketing-Manager Marcel Volm von BIMsystems

Marcel Volm
Senior Marketing Manager

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