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BIMsystems and Perfion - BIM & PIM vendors work together for efficient information management

The global PIM vendor Perfion GmbH and the BIM expert for information management BIMsystems are working together on a central source of information - the "Single Source of Truth". The integration of PIM into the BIMsystem creates an efficient workflow for manufacturers. Thus, the cooperation between Perfion and BIMsystems offers a further expansion stage of digital development and linkage in the construction industry.

BIMsystems und Perfion – Gemeinsam arbeiten die BIM- & PIM-Anbieter für ein effizientes Informationsmanagement

Image: Perfion and BIMsystems work together on digital information management in the construction industry (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

BIMsystems and Perfion jointly develop further integration of PIM and BIM for sustainable information management

The digitization of the construction industry is in full swing. Many systems already offer solutions to manufacturers' digital hurdles. The construction industry is under pressure to adapt to the new work requirements of the market. This is because digital construction is moving integrated working to center stage. Building Information Modeling (BIM for short) is changing and shaping digital construction in the future! But this brings certain challenges for the players in the construction industry. They have to restructure and centrally organize the endless product data with increasing digitalization and networking.

With the BIM system by BIMsystems - a cloud-based software for intelligent information management - the BIM content is created and managed centrally and efficiently. BIMsystems creates sustainable synergies from BIM and PIM (product information management) with the partnership with Perfion GmbH. The interface between BIM and PIM is more strongly networked. Manufacturers thus maintain their product information efficiently in one central location - in the PIM system. With the BIM/PIM interface, the data is then made available to the intelligent BIM solution from BIMsystems for construction stakeholders.

Perfion GmbH is a global company headquartered in Denmark with offices in the USA, Germany, Benelux and the UK. Perfion strives to continuously improve their PIM solution - finding new ways to solve real-world challenges. Perfion's PIM software gives construction stakeholders complete control over their product data.

What are the opportunities of the cooperation between BIMsystems and Perfion?

The BIM system enables optimized planning, realization and management of construction projects with the help of software solutions. The digitized organization places considerable demands on the structure, content and availability of product data. In order to enable high quality, transparency as well as homogenization of product data, a digitalized product management is required.

The PIM system helps construction stakeholders to efficiently process large volumes of complex product information. Product information distributed across multiple systems and sources costs valuable time and increases the risk of errors. With PIM, construction players have more time for their core tasks. This is because the quality and consistency of the data is guaranteed across all systems. Time-consuming searching for information and managing different systems is a thing of the past.

With the synergies from BIM and PIM, processes are facilitated by creating streamlined and more efficient workflows for the construction industry. In addition, better collaboration including shorter planning and construction times with all stakeholders is ensured. The global company's PIM system integrates seamlessly into existing IT landscapes and connects all data sources. All data sources are bundled in one place. Quite simply.

The result of BIM and PIM: construction stakeholders are always up to date with all their product data and efficiently gain complete control over information. Together, Perfion and BIMsystems are disrupting the construction industry. Internal processes of construction stakeholders are streamlined and new ways of managing product information emerge.

Company profile Perfion GmbH

Perfion is a global company headquartered in Denmark with offices in the USA, Germany, Benelux and the UK. Das Leistungsspektrum von Perfion umfasst Produktdatenverwaltung, kanalübergreifende Publizierung sowie Integration in andere Systeme. Perfion PIM ist eine Standardlösung, die von Schrauben bis hin zu Mondraketen alles beschreiben kann. Alle Arten von Daten können in jeder Sprache und Form gestaltet werden und mehrere Produkthierarchien gleichzeitig genutzt werden. Alle Datenquellen an einem Ort gebündelt. Ganz einfach.

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Company profile BIMsystems GmbH

BIMsystems GmbH was founded in 2015 by Gregor Müller & a team of developers and industry experts. The software startup specializes in dealing with the model-based planning method Building Information Modeling (BIM). The goal is the maximum automated digitization of product data (BIM content), the networking of interfaces & the unhindered exchange (import & export) of data along the value chain of a property.

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Marketing-Manager Marcel Volm von BIMsystems

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