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Stuttgart, 31. March 2020

BIM content now also for ArchiCAD!

The waya plugin from BIMsystems was only available to Revit users until today. But that has changed: As of today, waya is also available as a BETA version for ArchiCAD.

BIM-Content ab jetzt auch für ArchiCAD

Figure 1: BIM content now also for ArchiCAD (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

You as a user can load high-quality and individually configured BIM content into your ArchiCAD free of charge using waya and the associated plugin. Our plugin gives you access from the CAD system to the BIM content provided by manufacturers.

At the moment, product groups such as doors, windows, gates, pipe systems, fittings and more are accessible as BIM content from numerous suppliers such as for example REHAU, KEUCO, HÖRMANN and GEZE in waya . The selection of BIM content and product groups will continue to expand in the coming months.

By integrating waya via plugin into your usual CAD system, you do not have to leave your familiar environment for the use of BIM content. Directly via our plugin you individualize BIM content according to parameters, logics and rules according to requirements and insert it directly into the BIM data model.

The installation is simple: After downloading the free plugin and installing it, users only need to register once for free. After that, waya is ready to use! Because the use of waya is also free for planners!

Download our plugin into your ArchiCAD and search, transform, configure and place BIM content in your central data model.

Here you can go directly to the plugin.

More information about waya at