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Stuttgart, 18. November 2019

ZECH Building relies on the new waya software solution from BIMsystems

The Stuttgart software company BIMsystems goes with waya at the start. By means of waya planners and construction participants of different trades work database-based in a central data model. ZECH Building is convinced: Information is a key value driver in the construction industry. Therefore, it is a clear goal of the general contractor to bundle the company's own project information centrally in a data model based on the BIM methodology. And waya is the right BIM solution for ZECH Building, offering them a consolidation of information and stakeholders.

ZECH Building setzt auf waya

Figure 1: The waya BIM solution brings together construction participants in a ZECH Building data model (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

Central BIM solution for ZECH Building projects

waya developed from the previous component management system of BIMsystems - extended by additional features. Oriented to the needs of the planners, solution approaches were developed in waya for all construction stakeholders. Thus, the BIMsystems BIM solution ensures holistic collaboration in the context of Big Open BIM. From component manufacturers to general contractors and planners to operators, those involved in the process benefit from waya. The BIM solution waya of BIMsystems offers intelligent and performant BIM content, the lossless exchange of information and an innovative, effective BIM planning in the central data model.

ZECH Building uses the BIM solution waya from BIMsystems for future construction projects

With waya the ZECH Building manages the prerequisite for a central data model. This model contains structured manufacturer information about provided BIM content as well as company-specific information of ZECH Building. Relevant information from construction projects will in future be made centrally accessible to partners, customers and colleagues via waya . For ZECH Building, it is essential that the BIM content of its manufacturers and suppliers is available on waya . Specifically, this means that products as BIM content from waya preferred to be scheduled in the construction projects.

The ZECH Building urges all manufacturers to present themselves on waya and thus ensure to be scheduled in construction projects of the general contractor also in the future. In addition, the manufacturers benefit in the cooperation with ZECH Building on waya: Through the direct exchange and feedback of the planners and the general contractor, requirements for BIM content are adapted while still in the planning stage. The product portfolio or the BIM library of the manufacturers on waya, are therefore qualitatively aligned with reality and the industry needs.

The result is impressive: Lossless networking in the BIM planning of ZECH Building

Projects, consulting directly in the CAD system, digitized project and product data according to ZECH Building requirements and addressee-oriented information throughout the planning process waya is the integral part of the methodology BIM. The start of the digital transformation for ZECH Building and its partners is in full swing!

Intelligent and high-performance BIM content

Thanks to the direct waya integration via plugin into the CAD system, planners no longer have to leave their familiar environment. Directly via the plugin from BIMsystems, BIM content is individualized according to parameters, logics and rules as required and inserted into the BIM data model. A special highlight is the initially simple conversion from neutral to manufacturer-specific BIM content. Thanks to the conversion of the BIM content, planners in the projects of ZECH Building effectively save time for the search, selection and placement of the digitized products.

Project-related evaluations are just a click away in waya, such as component lists. Thus, it can be recognized directly in a list which BIM content is planned at which position in the data model. Attributes and parameters especially in the project work of ZECH Building can be viewed and evaluated here. Currently, the product groups doors, windows, gates, pipe systems and fittings are already accessible as BIM content from various suppliers such as REHAU, KEUCO, HÖRMANN and GEZE in waya . The selection of further BIM content and product groups will increase strongly in the coming months.

BIMsystems wants to support manufacturers in the digitization of their product data. There are various options for component manufacturers to transform their product data into intelligent BIM content. For example, existing BIM content - created in-house or by other service providers - can be imported into waya. If no products exist as BIM content yet, dynamic, rigid or surface content can be created from the existing product data. To existing systems and tools of the manufacturers, such as PIM systems or calculation tools, interfaces are formed as needed to create partially automated BIM content and make it available on waya . The BIM content created by BIMsystems can also be distributed on other platforms as needed.

Effective cooperation of different planners of various trades

ZECH Building attaches great importance to collecting and managing information in its projects from the very beginning and passing it on to those involved in the project. By means of waya can planners, general contractors and other construction participants directly in the CAD system to work together.

Project information is released specifically for the desired addressees, as well as additional messages to partners and colleagues sent directly from waya as an e-mail. But communication goes even deeper: planners and manufacturers can interact directly with each other. Planners ask questions about products and BIM content without obligation. Manufacturers advise the planners directly via plugin in the CAD system and can thus sustainably digitize their customer service.

waya will be usable for the CAD systems Revit, ArchiCAD and Allplan. In September 2019 with launch of waya will first provide the plugin for Revit. In the course of 2019, waya will also be integrable for ArchiCAD. The goal is to provide interfaces of waya for the common CAD systems on the market. And thus to lay the technical foundation for Big Open BIM.

Whether manufacturer, general contractor, operator or planner - construction stakeholders benefit from the BIM solution waya.

To make it easier for planners in particular to get started, the planner version of waya with all basic functions is free! With it, planners and the other construction stakeholders can search, transform, configure and place BIM content, as well as collaborate with partners in a central data model. The installation is straightforward: After downloading the free plugin and installing it, users only need to register once for free. Afterwards, waya is ready to use.

Find more information about waya at or visit us at BIM World Munich 2019 at booth 222. Secure your free ticket now at:!

Company description of BIMsystems

The software company BIMsystems was founded in 2015 and specializes in the planning method Building Information Management (BIM) as well as being the only provider worldwide of a cloud-based BIM solution - the corma technology. The goal of BIMsystems is the maximum automated digitization of product data (BIM content), the networking of interfaces and the unhindered exchange of data along the entire value chain of a property. Since 2017, BIMsystems has been one of the top 25 most innovative start-ups in the construction industry within Europe.

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