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Stuttgart, 30. September 2020

weisenburger and BIMsystems work together on innovative BIM solution

weisenburger bau GmbH and the software company BIMsystems from Stuttgart combine their expertise to further expand the software for BIM planning. Based on real use cases, the BIM solution for holistic data management will be expanded to include the specific requirements of the construction and real estate industry.

weisenburger und BIMsystems arbeiten gemeinsam an innovativer BIM-Lösung

Figure 1: weisenburger and BIMsystems combine their expertise to further expand BIM planning (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

Together weisenburger and BIMsystems break new ground in digital transformation

BIMsystems specializes in the model-based planning method Building Information Modeling (BIM for short). With its unique database-based BIM system for data management, all digitized product data (BIM content) is stored in a central and web-based location right at the start of each BIM planning project. In combination with further functions, a system for data management is thus available for planners, operators and general contractors. The result: For the first time, data management can be organized transparently, centrally and efficiently with direct networking to the CAD systems.

weisenburger recognizes the potential of this solution and supports BIMsystems with practical knowledge. The general contractor stands for expertise in construction with 65 years of experience. The weisenburger Group comprises high-performance companies that cover the entire value chain of the construction and real estate industry. The total output amounts to €350 million. As a leading medium-sized general contractor in southern and western Germany, weisenburger plans and builds around 1,600 residential units and 600 terraced houses per year nationwide, as well as elderly care centers, hotels and mixed-use properties.


A partnership rich in opportunities: weisenburger's practical experience and BIMsystems' technological know-how optimize BIM processes

The provision of BIM content is no longer sufficient due to the mass of data volumes. The BIM system from BIMsystems provides a remedy for preparing, maintaining and managing the data. Those involved save time through maximally automated processes in the handling of product data (BIM content). Likewise, the networking of interfaces saves time, as time-consuming exports and imports as well as exchange formats are eliminated. The BIM system ensures the unhindered exchange of data along the entire value chain of a property or building product.

During the project phase, general contractors are increasingly faced with the challenge of maintaining an overview of the data and ensuring that it is up-to-date and valid. The increasing flood of data, its updating, time-consuming remodeling and the associated time-consuming processing not only entail high costs, but also a high error rate. BIMsystem's database-based BIM system offers solutions at all levels. In the multi-layered planning process, all digital data is stored in a central location, the cloud-based database, right from the start. In combination with other functions, the entire BIM content and its properties are linked, maintained and structured. The digital twin of the construction project thus makes it from theory into practice.


The partnership takes the BIM solution a step forward

The development partnership between BIMsystems and weisenburger makes it possible to secure the database-based BIM technology with the help of the general contractor's many years of experience in all service phases of a construction project. "Using practical use cases, we work together to develop all the features required for the BIM system, thereby enabling cost-secure construction," says Gregor Müller (CEO BIMsystems).

The clear advantage of the partnership: providers and end users exchange practical experience and work together to achieve a satisfactory result - at all levels!
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Company description of BIMsystems

The software company BIMsystems was founded in 2015 and specializes in the planning method Building Information Management (BIM) as well as being the only provider worldwide of a cloud-based BIM solution - the corma technology. The goal of BIMsystems is the maximum automated digitization of product data (BIM content), the networking of interfaces and the unhindered exchange of data along the entire value chain of a property. Since 2017, BIMsystems has been one of the top 25 most innovative start-ups in the construction industry within Europe.

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