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Erfolgsgeschichte | So nutzt UZIN UTZ das BIM-System für sich!

UZIN UTZ links the existing PIM system with the BIM system. The joint implementation ensures the networking of the existing software landscape and the transfer of product information to the BIM Content Manager. The BIM Content Manager acts as a self-service portal for building material and component manufacturers to transfer product information to the BIM system and, if necessary, to bundle it with other information categories in order to provide planners with solutions that go far beyond the mere provision of BIM objects.

The initial situation of UZIN UTZ SE

UZIN UTZ has an existing PIM system in which the product information relevant for BIM implementation is available. Previously, it was only possible to prepare the product information on building materials in a scalable and efficient manner for planners with considerable effort. For this reason, UZIN UTZ has realigned its BIM strategy.

The brands of UZIN UTZ vary greatly in their product portfolio and at the same time they serve international markets. BIMsystems in conjunction with Contentserv PIM/MAM helps UZIN UTZ to meet these challenges digitally. The UZIN brand is leading the way with innovative solutions for the installation of floor coverings and screeds. As soon as the information is available in both systems and has been enriched accordingly, it is easy to transfer it into other languages in the aforementioned system landscape and thus make it available to other target markets.

UZIN UTZ is convinced that nobody will be able to avoid the BIM planning method in the medium term. UZIN UTZ is currently observing an inflationary increase in the use of the method in the early construction phases. Even in private construction projects, planners have long recognized the advantages of the method and are happy to use it. This is why UZIN UTZ has decided to provide high-quality data for these projects at an early stage.


The goals of UZIN UTZ with the BIM system:

90% Reduced effort in the provision of BIM content.

70% less effort for planners to define system solutions.

100% Ensuring the fully automated synchronization of product changes or new products directly into the BIM plug-in.

Simple Placement of the product portfolio in the early construction phase.


Successful use of the BIM system at UZIN UTZ SE

The UZIN BIM content provides detailed information about UZIN products, materials and systems that can be used in a variety of construction applications. Architects and planners can use these digital models to carry out precise preliminary planning, simulations and mass/quantity calculations, minimizing errors and increasing the overall efficiency of projects. Attention is always paid to the correct provision of product data in accordance with the requirements of BIM users to ensure user-centricity.

Up-to-the-minute communication with planners during the component determination process becomes a reality thanks to the possibilities offered by the waya UZIN UTZ platform to get in touch with the customer. In this way, UZIN UTZ can provide its customers with advice and support when building up layers.

The BIM system by BIMsystems has convinced UZIN UTZ! Information is always kept up to date and efficiently maintained in a central location. The information is made available smoothly via the interface in the intelligent BIM solution from BIMsystems for those involved in construction.

Another decisive criterion is the use of the evaluation options for own products or new services. The BIM platform waya is characterized by the integrity of the continuous flow of information, the flexibility and the integration of the information into digitalization strategies.

Architects, planners and construction professionals who want to use the UZIN BIM content can access the BIM system and download the desired BIM content free of charge and place it directly in their modeling tool using the plugin.

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Solutions thanks to the BIM system

If product information or products (new products, new editions) change, we can record these centrally in our Contentserv PIM system so that they appear automatically in the BIM plugin and all other channels.

Thanks to waya, we can communicate the special features of our products in a targeted manner during the planning phase. This enables the planner to make a more informed and faster product selection.

The waya BIM platform enables customers to contact our application engineers quickly and conveniently within the platform if they have any queries. Our colleagues can respond specifically to the requirements of the construction project and identify solutions within our product portfolio. The component is then saved directly as planned and transferred to the data model.

We at UZIN UTZ are very pleased to have found an excellent partner for BIM onboarding in BIMsystems, who not only provides technical advice, but also offers professional and strategic support. Thanks to our Contentserv PIM system, which was already well maintained and carefully looked after, we were able to connect our first brand UZIN within a very short time.

We are very pleased that UZIN UTZ, as a long-standing customer, can fully exploit the potential of Contentserv and the BIM platform waya. For UZIN UTZ, an innovative manufacturer of construction chemicals products, it is crucial to maintain product information in a central location and to provide it in a complete, multilingual and BIM-compliant manner.

With the direct connection of both systems, we can now automatically pass on our product data to our partners in a consistent and brand-specific manner and make it directly available in the correct format. For us, offering innovative products also means expanding internal processes to make them fit for the future and using synergies between new and existing systems. The provision of information-rich product systems in the form of standardized and intelligent data bundles is the decisive factor here for everyone involved in the data value chain.


Lessons learned in working with BIM and the BIM system

We have learned to correctly estimate the planning effort for a BIM solution. The more you think about the right data model for your product portfolio and your own data pool at the start, the easier and quicker it will be to enrich the product data records with BIM-relevant information. What particularly helped us was that BIMsystems took us by the hand right from the start with regard to the relevant BIM attributes.

3 tips from UZIN UTZ SE for the industry!

  • If you don't yet have a product information management (PIM) system, it's high time you did! Because without PIM, there is no BIM.

  • A data model enriched with product information is only as good as the data quality of the individual product data. Please concentrate your resources on the data quality and the data model with which you approach BIMsystems. Data filling is not an intern's job here either!

  • Seek professional help with BIM onboarding right from the start. With its diversity and complexity, the topic invites a waste of resources if they are not used in a targeted manner from the outset.

Company profile


As a complete supplier of flooring systems, UZIN UTZ is a leader in the development and manufacture of products and machines for screed, flooring, tiles and parquet. For over 111 years, as a family-owned company, we have made the world of floors our vocation and support craftsmen, planners, architects and building owners worldwide with the internationally successful brands UZIN, WOLFF, PALLMANN, arturo, codex and Pajarito.

Annual revenue(2022):
488 Mio. €

Number of employees:
>1.000 Mitarbeitende

Building materials manufacturer

Product categories:
Tile and natural stone, screed, parquet, substrate preparation, floor coating, floor sealing

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