Project Description

Stuttgart, 27. April 2021

Product data and expertise intelligently networked in digital value chain: Solarlux on waya

From now on Solarlux is available as BIM content glass folding walls, conservatories and façade solutions on waya by BIMsystems. This allows planners to place and configure the products and system solutions directly in their own CAD system. The family-owned company based in Osnabrück thus proves innovative character and relies on digital progress.

SOLARLUX Produkte sind auf der BIM-Software waya verfügbar

Figure 1: Solarlux is now available with BIM content on waya (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

Solarlux uses the potential of waya

Mit BIM (Building Information Modeling) lassen sich Bauprojekte von Beginn an digitalisieren und wichtige Informationen zur Planung, Ausführung und Infrastruktur im sogenannten digitalen Zwilling sammeln und verwalten. Für die Umsetzung in der Praxis bedarf es unter anderem BIM-konformer Daten als Informationsquelle. Um Planer bei der digitalen Planung zu unterstützen und die Digitalisierung des Bauwesens weiter voranzutreiben, stellt das weltweit agierende Familienunternehmen jetzt seine Produkte und Systemlösungen als BIM-Content zur Verfügung.

Folding glass walls, conservatories and facade solutions are now available as BIM content in waya . waya functions as a plugin for the CAD systems ArchiCAD, Revit as well as Allplan and establishes a connection between the Solarlux SLX product configurator, which allows stakeholders to check product parameters for their feasibility individually in the BIM model at any time in real time.

In waya the products of Solarlux are displayed as dynamic BIM content - this means that the BIM content can be individualized and placed according to predefined parameters according to requirements. The basis for this BIM-enabled product configurator is the plugin from BIMsystems. Planners thus effectively save time in the search, selection and placement of the digitized window and other glass front products.

The result: architects, builders and tradesmen, and housing companies benefit from lossless networking in BIM planning, consulting directly in the CAD system, digitized project and product data, and addressee-specific information throughout the planning process.

The digital transformation continues

Solarlux has included groundbreaking innovation in its mission statement. Both in the manufacture of building technology and in the consulting services around windows, conservatories and facades. That is why the company now relies on waya by BIMsystems. Because the high efficiency and functionality of the BIM solution convinces: short turnaround times and low effort in the creation of the BIM content for a profitable result in terms of real Big Open BIM!

BIMsystems builds on Solarlux's existing configurator. BIMsystems uses the logic and rules of the company's own configurator as digitized expertise for the Solarlux BIM content. The expertise becomes applicable in the CAD systems. In this way, the Stuttgart-based company uses Solarlux's grown IT structures without having to adapt them at great expense. Rather, BIMsystems helps Solarlux digitize its value chain - which now extends from the system landscape in production to the CAD systems of external planners. Processes are linked, project steps are simplified and the company's own communication becomes more transparent.

waya is free for planners with all basic functions! With it, they and the other construction stakeholders can search, transform, configure and place BIM content from Solarlux and collaborate with partners in a central data model. The installation is straightforward: After downloading the free plugin and installing it, users only need to register once for free. Subsequently, waya is ready for operation and can be controlled directly from the CAD system.

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