Project Description

Stuttgart, 18. November 2019

waya by BIMsystems is now available!

After long and sweaty work it has finally been done in October: Our BIM solution waya went live - and we are damn proud of our performance and the result.

BIM-Software waya by BIMsystems nun da

Figure 1: After a long period of work, the BIM software waya by BIMsystems is now available (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

The way to the goal was not always easy, but it was worth it. The result is something to be proud of. Thanks waya by BIMsystems planners and construction participants from different areas work database-based in one data model.

And that is by no means all: With waya we offer lossless networking in BIM planning, consulting directly in the CAD system, digitized project and product data, and addressee-specific information throughout the planning process.

waya is an integral part of the planning method BIM!

The start of the digital transformation begins

Just as we have developed & renewed ourselves at the beginning of the year, our products are also developing & renewing themselves - and this in a continuous process. Because as an innovative start-up, it is our highest priority to always live at the foot of time.

The original and previously known component management system has become a short and sweet waya. But short and sweet is just the name: Because waya offers you a lot.

Through additional features and customizations, solutions for all construction stakeholders were developed with waya- under the aspect of the Big Open BIM approach. From the component manufacturer to the general contractor and planner to the operator, all those involved in the process benefit from waya.

waya by BIMsystems can do more

Our BIM solution waya offers you as a user an optimized way of working with BIM: intelligent and performant BIM content, the lossless exchange of information, and innovative, effective BIM planning in a central data model.

By integrating waya via plugin into your usual CAD system, you do not have to leave your familiar environment for use. Directly via our plugin BIM content is customized according to parameters, logics and rules according to requirements and inserted into the BIM data model.

A special highlight: the transformation from neutral to manufacturer-specific BIM content. This solution will be further developed and perfected in the coming months. Because it offers planners the chance to save time in the search, selection and placement of the appropriate, digital products.

A promising bonus feature: waya individual

This feature was developed by us specifically for manufacturers and general contractors. waya Individual offers these market participants the possibility to integrate their BIM content, in addition to the publicly available waya database, into an individualized waya solution.

The advantage: A marketing and distribution tool thanks to branding of the BIM system and a dedicated web application.

Future prospects

waya will initially be usable for the CAD systems Revit, ArchiCAD and Allplan. In September 2019 with the launch, we first provided the plugin for Revit. In the course of the year waya then will also be integrable for ArchiCAD.

At the moment, the product groups doors, windows, gates, pipe systems and fittings are already accessible as BIM content from various suppliers such as REHAU, KEUCO, HÖRMANN and GEZE in waya . The selection of BIM content and product groups will increase greatly in the coming months.

How to get started with waya by BIMsystems

Whether you are a manufacturer, general contractor, operator or planner - everyone benefits from our BIM solution waya.

To make it easier for planners in particular to get started, the planner version of waya with all basic functions is free! This allows planners and the other construction stakeholders to search, transform, configure and place BIM content and collaborate with partners in a central data model.

The installation is simple: After downloading the free plugin and installing it, users only need to register once for free. After that, waya is ready to use.

We hope you are as excited about the good news as we are!

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