Stuttgart, 2. June 2021

EDD Engineering & Digital Design expands digitization for structural design with BIMsystems

The holding company of the engineering offices for structural design IDK Kleinjohann and WSK Ingenieure, EDD Engingeering & Digital Design and the expert for data management, BIMsystems, enter into a strategic partnership. The objective of the partnership is the digitization expansion of the brewing industry, especially for structural design.

EDD Engineering & Digital Design baut mit BIMsystems die Digitalisierung für Tragwerksplanung aus (Quelle: BIMsystems GmbH)

Figure 1: EDD Engineering & Digital Design expands digitization for structural design with BIMsystems (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

With joint expertise from EDD and BIMsystems for digital transformation

BIMsystems specializes in the model-based planning method Building Information Modeling (BIM for short). With its database-based BIM system for information management, information requirements are defined at an early stage and managed in the web-based solution. In combination with other functions, a system for data management is available for planners, manufacturers and other parties involved in construction. For the first time, data management can be organized transparently, centrally and efficiently with direct networking to the CAD systems.

EDD Engineering & Digital Design, as a holding and digital developer of engineering companies, has innovation written all over it and in its corporate values. Therefore, it was clear to EDD that BIMsystems is the right partner to further advance digitalization in the context of BIM planning and to rely on the BIM system. Because for EDD's offices, BIM is the standardized origin of all planning and an integral part of the digital process methodology. "The BIM methodology is the essential leading development in the field of construction, from which our industry will radically change. It is therefore all the more important to implement the basic principles and necessary information as simply as possible from the beginning of the planning process. The development of BIMsystems is ideally suited for this purpose," says Christian Richert (Managing Director EDD).

With the BIM system, EDD can manage neutral CAD libraries and specific BIM content from manufacturers centrally and across locations. Thanks to the central access (single source of truth), BIM content is made available to colleagues and partners homogeneously, up-to-date and in the highest quality. This simplifies the establishment of cross-location standards in the planning office.

Taking into account permissions and configuration options of manufacturer products as well as central access to current approvals, certificates, etc., the EDD offices will be able to increase their efficiency in the future while maintaining high planning quality by means of the BIM system. The result is digital structural planning that takes advantage of all possibilities and is aimed precisely at the customer's goals.

BIM information are the pillars of digital structural design

The aim of the BIM system is to bring together geometric and alphanumeric information in a central data model. Especially for structural design, different disciplines and information levels come into contact with each other. Together with BIMsystems, these data and information are mapped and further processed. Ideally, this is done at an early stage with defined and application-specific information requirements in order to capture the data as correctly as possible. The data model is continuously enriched with data by participants in the course of the process. The data model begins to "live".

The increasing flood of data, its updating, time-consuming re-modeling and the associated time-consuming processing not only entail high costs, but also a high error rate. BIMsystem's database-based BIM system offers solutions at all levels. In the multi-layered planning process, information requirements are already managed on a project-specific basis at the beginning in a central storage location, the cloud-based database. In combination with further functions, the entire BIM content, its characteristics as well as the attributes are linked, maintained and structured. The digital twin of the construction project thus makes it from theory into practice right from the start of planning.

The partnership takes the BIM system a step forward

The development partnership between EDD Engineering & Digital Design Service GmbH and BIMsystems GmbH makes it possible to ensure the database-based BIM technology with the help of many years of experience as a specialist planner in the structural design of a construction project. "In specific scenarios from practice, our development is oriented towards the required features that make the BIM system so efficient in planning and thus enable high-quality structural design," says Gregor Müller (CEO BIMsystems).

The clear advantage of the partnership: providers and users exchange ideas based on practical experience and work together to achieve a satisfactory result - on a technological and practical level.

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Company description of BIMsystems

Das Software Unternehmen BIMsystems wurde 2015 gegründet und ist auf die Planungsmethode Building Information Management (BIM) spezialisiert sowie weltweit der einzige Anbieter einer cloudbasierten BIM-Lösung – der corma-Technologie. Das Ziel von BIMsystems ist die maximale automatisierte Digitalisierung von Produktdaten (BIM-Content), die Vernetzung von Schnittstellen und der ungehinderte Austausch von Daten entlang der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette einer Immobilie. BIMsystems zählt seit 2017 zu einem der Top 25 innovativsten Start-Ups in der Baubranche innerhalb von Europa. Mehr Informationen auf der Webseite

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