Stuttgart, November 3, 2021

Insights from industry experts: Operational, legal and technical challenges of central information management

- The BIM studio webinar with BIMsystems, ATP and HFK lawyers

Architect and ATP board chairman Prof. Achammer of ATP architect engineers , one of the largest European planning offices, provides insights into the operational challenges of managing BIM information. Legal expert and industry insider Dr. Kemper from the law firm HKF lawyers adds legal aspects that construction stakeholders must consider in BIM planning. How to get this technically under one roof? This is shown by Gregor Müller, managing director of BIMsystems, who demonstrates the opportunities and potentials based on the features of the BIM system.

BIM Studio 2021

Figure 1: Gregor Müller is guest in the BIM studio at BIM World Munich (Source: BIM World Munich)

Im Rahmen der BIM World, die am 23. und 24. November 2021 in München stattfindet, wird im BIM-Studio ein weiteres Webinar am 16. November um 10 Uhr mit Prof. Christoph Achammer, Dr. Till Kemper und Gregor Müller veröffentlicht. Das Webinar kann auf der Unternehmensseite der BIM World angesehen werden. Dafür müssen Sie sich nur kostenlos anmelden:

This year's webinar is about sustainable information management and how a value chain can work across BIM system functions. The topic will be examined by different experts from their perspective. The focus will be on the planners in the BIM application.

Operational challenges of central information management

Prof. Christoph Achammer makes clear the importance of BIM planning for planners and shows which information management requirements are significant in the context of product-neutral planning. In doing so, he addresses the interaction of product-neutral planning with the manufacturer-specific product world from the perspective of data and from the perspective of geometry. In addition, we may hope for an outlook from Prof. Achammer on changed roles, competences and responsibilities from the planners' point of view.

Legal challenges of central information management

Dr. Till Kemper shows the change of information management under consideration of the fulfillment of AIAs as well as ESG requirements. He also explains the interplay between product-neutral planning and manufacturer-specific information in the context of tenders and award processes. Like Prof. Achammer from ATP, Dr. Kemper presents his outlook on changing roles, competencies and responsibilities from the manufacturer's or supplier's perspective.

Technical challenges of central information management

Gregor Müller specifies how the BIM system as a Saas solution responds to the requirements and challenges of the market and its players. Likewise, he presents the importance of the digital configuration from the perspective of sustainability.

A concluding discussion with the three experts will round off the webinar.

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