Project Description

Stuttgart, 12. July 2021

Information management: How manufacturers cope with BIM in a future-oriented way and increasingly network themselves

 – The BIM studio webinar with BIMsystems, Saint-Gobain and Solarlux 

Experts Gregor Müller, CEO and founder of BIMsystems, Benedikt Lösch, Head of Digital Constructions at Saint-Gobain, and Carsten Bockweg, Property Sales and BIM Consultant at Solarlux, will explain the function of intelligent and digital information management of BIM data in theory and in corporate practice in the BIM Studio 365 at BIM World Munich.

BIM Studio zum Thema Informationsmanagement

Figure 1: Gregor Müller is guest in the BIM studio at BIM World Munich (Source: BIM World Munich)

The BIMsystems product world enables manufacturers to manage product information and make it available as BIM content at an early stage. This results in services for manufacturers that build on this and the possibility of integrating data in an ideal way. In the form of Excel, via interfaces or in self-service - the manufacturer is the master of his information. Gregor Müller showed how this works in the BIM Studio 365 together with the innovative partners from Saint-Gobain and Solarlux. 

Revolution of the workflow in the context of information management

The challenge of BIM data is that not all products are BIM objects and thus require geometry. This requires various technical prerequisites. In addition, there is a data overload of BIM information.  

The BIM system by BIMsystems provides centralized management of BIM content in common CAD systems. BIMsystems sees the BIM process as a scalable process and therefore develops a software solution. The unique corma technology lays the foundation for efficient handling of BIM content. The waya software marks the beginning of BIM-based digitization and thus the start of intelligent information management. 

The BIM system offers numerous opportunities for manufacturers

Many customers already see the advantage of the innovative BIM system and therefore the demand for BIM is increasing.  

The opportunities for manufacturers are to increase sales through repeated and automated sales of products from the catalog, new sales channels and relief of the object consulting, detailed analyses, increases in efficiency and effectiveness, refinement of the BIM content, individualization of the BIM content and the development of new services or partnerships through networking and exchange in the digital twin.  

The BIM system paves the way from limited product to intelligent content. Gregor Müller summarized: "The BIM system of BIMsystems and the intelligent integration of BIM content into the BIM World is essential to be able to strategically align in the future and remain competitive."


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