Project Description

Stuttgart, 6. February 2020

BIM Content Creation | static: Simply Automated!

BIMsystems has a new BIM solution: BIM-Content Creation | static. With the help of BIM-Content Creation | static you sustainably digitize your product data yourself by creating intelligent BIM content from your product information. This makes you independent of service providers - unless you still want to outsource the service.

static BIM-Content Creation einfach selbst erstellen

Figure 1: Easily create your own BIM content with the new BIM solution BIM Content Creation | static (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

What is actually "static BIM content"?

Static BIM content describes products that exist in clearly defined, geometric dimensions (height, width, depth, etc.). What is not defined are the different variants. These variants include, for example, color, material or specific product properties.

In addition, special components fall under the term "static BIM content". Since these components should not be changed geometrically by the user, as they have been designed for specific requirements.

High quality for your static BIM content

Users often suffer from the problem that the geometry data is available in the form of production data. In most cases, this production data is too detailed and has no relevance from the point of view of BIM or should not be published. This amount of data results in a large amount of memory, which causes a lack of performance in the CAD systems.

The aforementioned situation leads to a mostly manual and time-consuming reduction of geometry data. The result: high internal and external costs for individual BIM contents.

Thanks to BIMsystems, you can save yourself these costs. Because in the future, you will only need three pieces of information to create your static BIM content:

  • Product information

  • Geometry data

  • Manufacturer information

3 simple steps to create your own static BIM content

Step 1: Collect and record your product information

You already have your product information. Whether as an Excel spreadsheet, PDF or PIM system - depending on the information source, you can simply upload your data to the tool. It works exactly the same way with your geometry data.

In the next step, we look at all the data and make a non-binding offer. If you accept the offer, you can upload your specific manufacturer data and we will take care of the next steps.

Step 2: Together we define attributes and geometry data

At the beginning of step two, your data is still too complex for further processing in the CAD system, which is why we define three geometric detail levels together with you at this stage.

Through these levels of detail, we achieve the optimal performance for your digital products. You determine for which CAD formats the products should be prepared and we finalize your static BIM content. But we are not at the end yet...

Step 3: Test phase - we are waiting for your GO!

Quality plays a major role at BIMsystems, which is why your static BIM content is put through its paces with automated testing.

This means that your digitized products are used in numerous CAD scenarios and tested for their applicability. This ensures your high standards for your BIM content.

Then you can take a close look at your static BIM content in the preview view of waya. In this way, you alone ensure that the created BIM content meets your requirements.

Are your requirements met? Then release your BIM content to planners in waya .

Now that you know how everything works - what's the point?

Through BIM content creation | static you as a manufacturer have not only one, but several advantages.

Thanks to the BIMsystems tool, you spend less time on automated processes. In addition, product information can be easily captured without special know-how by means of a few clicks.

You save yourself tedious testing thanks to the automated testing of BIMsystems and thus ensure flawless quality - and in waya ultimately, the planners also benefit from this.

You are still unsure? - You cannot and should not refuse this offer

We are Swabians - and we Swabians like to save. So that you can also save, there is for the introduction of BIM content creation | static a discount action for you:

  • From 50 BIM contents (geometry files) you get 5% discount and 1 month waya free license

  • From 100 BIM contents (geometry files) you get 10% discount and 2 month waya free license

  • From 150 BIM contents (geometry files) you get 15% discount and 3 month waya free license

So you save more than 4.400 € (net.) on the creation of 150 BIM contents.

So what are you waiting for? Create your BIM content with BIM content creation | static from BIMsystems from now on!