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Stuttgart, 2. January 2021

BIM up to the roof: Saint-Gobain and BIMsystems enter into a forward-looking partnership

The system and building materials manufacturer Saint-Gobain and the BIM expert BIMsystems agree: Through a development partnership, the two companies will from now on use their joint expertise to drive the digitization of the construction industry through BIM-based processes.How this succeeds? Thoughtful and holistic data management with all construction stakeholders at one table - or in one cloud.

Saint-Gobain und BIMsystems gehen zukunftsweisende Partnerschaft ein

Figure 1: Through the expertise of Saint-Gobain and BIMsystems, they aim to drive the digitization of the construction industry through BIM-based processes (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

Maintaining an overview of the rising flood of data with a BIM system

"General contractors, project developers and construction companies are increasingly faced with the challenge of keeping track of BIM data during the project phase and maintaining it manually," says Gregor Müller, CEO BIMsystems. "The rising flood of data and its updating, as well as time-consuming re-modeling and the time-consuming processing that goes along with it, not only bring high costs, but also an extremely high error rate."

With BIMsystem's globally unique cloud-based data management, all digitized product data (BIM content) is stored in a central and web-based location right at the start of each BIM planning project. In combination with the linya BIM solution, manufacturers such as Saint-Gobain have a system for creating and managing their BIM content. The result: For the first time, data management with direct networking to CAD systems can be transparent, centralized and efficient for all parties involved!

Partnership enables practice-oriented BIM planning

"By making Saint-Gobain's product portfolio available in BIMsystems' database solutions, users are additionally offered a broad selection of high-quality and precisely fitting systems & products - which can now also be recorded and mapped in their entire data scope in the digital twins of construction projects. With this cooperation, we support our customers & partners in practice-oriented BIM planning!", explains Benedikt Lösch, BIM Manager at Saint-Gobain.

The collaboration combines many years of industry knowledge with technological know-how in order to develop market-driven solutions based on real use cases that simplify and accelerate the work processes for all parties involved in the construction. The goal: efficient and demand-oriented data management in BIM.

Saint-Gobain one of the most innovative building materials companies

Saint-Gobain is one of the most innovative building materials companies in the world and was awarded the Heinze Architects' Darling Award for its BIM activities in 2019 for its leading role in the digitalization of the construction industry. "The tailored, user-oriented provision of product & system information for the development, planning, and construction and operation of buildings is becoming increasingly important," explains Steffen Lammertz, Head Of Digital Experience at Saint-Gobain Germany and Austria. Together with BIMsystems, we will provide our customers with even more targeted support in both processes and the best possible selection of constructive solutions through joint services."

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Company description of BIMsystems

The software company BIMsystems was founded in 2015 and specializes in the planning method Building Information Management (BIM) as well as being the only provider worldwide of a cloud-based BIM solution - the corma technology. The goal of BIMsystems is the maximum automated digitization of product data (BIM content), the networking of interfaces and the unhindered exchange of data along the entire value chain of a property. Since 2017, BIMsystems has been one of the top 25 most innovative start-ups in the construction industry within Europe.

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