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Stuttgart, 23. June 2021

BayWa offers casafino building materials range as digital BIM content for BIM planning

As part of a cooperation with the Stuttgart-based software company BIMsystems, the BayWa Group is digitizing the building materials range of its own brand casafino in the Building Materials Segment. With BIMsystems' technology, the building materials are transformed into BIM content. In this way, the product information required by the planning is made available to those involved in the construction in CAD systems as well as in the BIM system.

BayWa nutzt Informationsmanagement von BIMsystems zur Digitalisierung des Baustoffsortiments der Eigenmarke casafino

Figure 1: BayWa uses information management from BIMsystems to digitize the building materials range of its own brand casafino (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

In cooperation with the Stuttgart-based software company BIMsystems, BayWa will digitize the building materials range of its own brand casafino in the coming weeks and make it available as BIM content for digital construction planning and execution as well as maintenance. BIM content is the digital mapping of real products in data models of buildings. In addition to the 3D geometry data - in the case of composite BIM content from the CAD system - the BIM content from BIMsystems consists of further product information and metadata that are relevant for the planning and construction of buildings.

The "I" in BIM is the focus at BIMsystems, as smart information management is primarily required for the creation, management and placement in the CAD system. This information from BayWa casafino products is uniformly integrated into the BIM system and can thus also be combined with other building materials and products in data models. Construction companies, municipalities, tradesmen as well as architects and planning offices can thus plan BayWa products in concrete terms. In addition, users also have the option of replacing "manufacturer-neutral" building materials in the data model with concrete manufacturer BIM content at a later stage.

With BIMsystems' technology, the digital sales channel can be expanded in addition to the BIM content

The cooperation with BIMsystems opens up yet another perspective: BayWa can advise construction participants directly in the BIM system throughout the entire planning and execution phase. In other words, traditional property and product consulting can be expanded digitally via the BIMsystems application. In this way, the provision of BIM content becomes a digital sales channel that can already be used at the start of a new building project.

Together with BIMsystems, BayWa will now create the casafino range as BIM content in the next few weeks and set up the BIM system for information management. This means that the first BIM content could be available on waya - the BIM platform from BIMsystems - as early as this summer.

Das Informationsmanagement von BIMsystems besticht durch seine einzigartige Technologie, mir der alle Baubeteiligte direkt im System am Datenmodell arbeiten können

Figure 2: The information management of BIMsystems impresses with its unique technology, which allows all construction participants to work on the data model directly in the system (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

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Company description of BIMsystems

The software company BIMsystems was founded in 2015 and specializes in the planning method Building Information Management (BIM) as well as being the only provider worldwide of a cloud-based BIM solution - the corma technology. The goal of BIMsystems is the maximum automated digitization of product data (BIM content), the networking of interfaces and the unhindered exchange of data along the entire value chain of a property. Since 2017, BIMsystems has been one of the top 25 most innovative start-ups in the construction industry within Europe.

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