Stuttgart, 9. June 2020

ANKER goes for BIMsystems: From now on, carpets are also available as BIM content

The woven carpet specialist ANKER offers the first products as BIM content. This allows planners via waya by BIMsystems to make the floor design directly in their own CAD system. ANKER shows innovation character as a traditional company and supports efficient planning processes.

ANKER mit Teppichböden auf waya verfügbar

Figure 1: ANKER is now available with carpeting as BIM content on waya (Source: BIMsystems GmbH)

ANKER recognises the potential of waya

With BIM, short for Building Information Modeling, construction projects can be digitized from the very beginning and important information on planning, execution and infrastructure can be mapped in a digital model, the so-called digital twin. Among other things, BIM-compliant data is required as a source of information for implementation in practice. In order to support architects in the digital planning of the carpets and to further advance the digitization of the construction industry, ANKER is making its first products available as BIM content.

The BIM data from ANKER can be accessed online or as a plug-in via the tool waya by BIMsystems and can initially be used with Revit or ArchiCAD. The result is something to be proud of: Loss-free networking in BIM planning, consulting directly in the CAD system, digitized project and product data and addressee-appropriate information throughout the planning process.

BIM-enabled configurator for creative floor design

The claim of ANKER is the realization of creative floor design. This claim is shared by planners and architects on the premise that it does not make the planning process more extensive. That is why ANKER has chosen waya by BIMsystems. The planner is not interrupted in his creative planning phase - rather, the waya plugin integrates itself into the process. Products from ANKER are therefore quite simple via bidirectional plugin directly read into the CAD system.

ANKER has set itself the goal of enabling unique room planning for its customers by means of creative floor design. Therefore, the diverse textile products, which are distinguished by their colors, designs and surface structures, are made available in waya as BIM content. Thus, products can be found quickly and configured according to individual requirements.

Thus, the carpet is individually adapted to the building project: It can be quiet or loud in its effect, it can be restrained or dominant. It can be soft, fluffy and warm, as well as hard, robust and durable. BIM sets no limits for planners.

The start of the digital transformation for ANKER begins!

Thanks to the direct waya integration via plugin into the CAD system, planners no longer have to leave their familiar environment. Directly via the plug-in from BIMsystems, BIM content is individualized according to parameters, logics and rules as required and inserted into the BIM data model. Planners effectively save time in the search, selection and placement of digitized carpet products.

waya is free for planners with all basic functions! With it, planners and the other construction stakeholders can search, transform, configure and place BIM content from ANKER and collaborate with partners in a central data model. The installation is straightforward: After downloading the free plugin and installing it, users only need to register once for free. Afterwards, waya is ready for operation and can be controlled directly from the CAD system.

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